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Credicorp is pleased to invite institutional investors and sell-side analysts to its Investor Digital Day 2022.


Join our management team to learn about our transformation story, and digitally-led growth opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Photos vFS-Gianfranco Ferrari.jpg
Gianfranco Ferrari – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr. Ferrari was appointed CEO of Credicorp Ltd. in January 2022. He was previously Credicorp Ltd.’s Deputy CEO and Head of Universal Banking and has held other leadership roles since he joined Credicorp Ltd. in 1995.


Mr. Ferrari’s extensive and diverse experience includes various strategic roles including CEO, Head of Corporate Banking & Corporate Finance and Head of Retail Banking & Wealth Management at Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP), as well as CEO of BCP Bolivia from 2005 to 2008. He led Banco de Credito del Peru’s acquisition of Edyficar in 2009 and of Mibanco in 2014, and began leading the Company’s Digital Transformation Strategy in 2015. He is also member of the BCP and BCP Bolivia Boards of Directors.


Mr. Ferrari holds a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad del Pacifico (UP) in Peru and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management in the US.

Photos vFS-Francesca Raffo.jpg
Francesca Raffo – Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)

Ms. Raffo was appointed Credicorp’s Chief Innovation Officer in February 2022 and has also been Retail Banking Deputy CEO at BCP since June 2020.


Ms. Raffo’s successful career at BCP spans 26 years and includes heading BCP’s transformation, managing the Satisfied Customers Division, creating BCP's first Innovation Center and leading the Marketing Services. Ms. Raffo joined BCP in 1994 as a member of the Process Reengineering pioneer team and subsequently led various strategic projects within Retail Banking. 


Ms. Raffo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and an MBA in Management Information Systems, both from The American University in Washington D.C. in the US.

Photos vFS-Cesar Rios.jpg
Cesar Rios – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mr. Rios has served as CFO of Credicorp Ltd. and Banco de Credito del Peru since April 2018. He has worked at Credicorp since 1993, when he joined as a Corporate Finance associate.


Mr. Rios’ extensive career with the Group includes diverse roles such as Head of Financial Planning and Control, Head of Corporate Strategy, Head of Collections for Retail Banking and Head of Credit and Operating Risk within Banco de Credito del Peru’s Risk Management Unit, as well as CFO and COO of Banco Capital, Credicorp’s former El Salvador subsidiary. Mr. Rios is also a Board member of several Credicorp subsidiaries, including Mibanco and Solucion Empresa Administradora Hipotecaria, among others.


Mr. Rios holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Pontificia Universidad Catolica and a master’s degree from ESAN Escuela de Administracion de Negocios para Graduados, both in Peru, and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan Fellows Program in the US.

Photos vFS-Adolfo Vinatea.jpg
Adolfo Vinatea – CEO of Krealo

Mr. Vinatea has been the CEO of Krealo, Credicorp’s  Corporate Venture Capital team, since July 2021. He began his career in Private Equity in 2005, most recently having served for six years as a Director at Advent International. Additionally, Mr. Vinatea has been a Vice President at Nexus Group with extensive experience in investing, particularly in technology companies, as well as in accelerating portfolio companies’ growth. Mr. Vinatea is on the board of Krealo portfolio companies Tenpo, Wally, Culqi and Tyba. He is also a non-voting member of the Credicorp Innovation Committee.


Mr. Vinatea holds a bachelor´s degree in Business Administration from the Universidad del Pacifico (UP) in Peru and an MBA with a concentration in Finance and Private Equity from the London Business School in the UK.

Photos vFS-Raimundo Morales.jpg
Raimundo Morales – CEO of Yape

Mr. Morales has been the CEO of Yape since January 2022. He previously worked with McKinsey & Company for 13 years where he led the Digital McKinsey practice in Spanish LatAm and was a Managing Partner at McKinsey’s Lima Office. Throughout his McKinsey career he primarily advised LatAm-based financial institutions on a variety of Digital topics, including leading, developing and executing the digital strategy and end-to-end transformation of leading banks in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and the Caribbean. Prior to McKinsey, Mr. Morales was a senior investment officer at SEAF Peru, a global impact private equity manager focused on providing Peruvian entrepreneurs with capital, knowledge, and networks.


Mr. Morales holds a BA in economics from the Universidad del Pacifico (UP) in Peru, where he is Vice-president of Patronato UP. He also holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in the US.

Photos vFS-Jose Muniz.jpg
Jose Muniz - Chief Transformation Officer 
(CTrO), Mibanco  

Mr. Muñiz is Chief Transformation Officer at Mibanco, Credicorp’s microfinance subsidiary. He is responsible for overseeing Mibanco’s innovation model and for developing digital initiatives with partners and ecosystems.


He has been with Credicorp for more than 12 years and has led initiatives relative to payments; savings accounts; consumer loans; and CRM (BCP). Over the past few years, he has lead the digitalization  of the onboarding  journey from consumer products (credit and debit cards, personal loans) and driven initiatives to reduce the use of cash by Credicorp clients.


Mr. Muniz holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Universidad de Piura (UDEP) and an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa (IE) from Spain.

Photos vFS-Milagros Cigueñas.jpg
Milagros Ciguenas – Investor Relations Officer (IRO)

Ms. Ciguenas has been Credicorp’s IRO since August 2019. She joined Credicorp in 2017 when she joined Banco de Credito del Peru as Efficiency and Productivity Manager.


Prior to this role, she had a thirteen-year career at BBVA Group, where she held various roles including Financial Management, Investor Relations and Financial Planning at BBVA Peru, and Head of Value Based Management at the Spanish group holding company.


Ms. Ciguenas holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in the US.



Credicorp Investor Digital Day was held in New York on March 15, and in London on March 16, 2022. A live streaming of the New York is available for replay.


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